Max Immo

Empowering real estate agents in the field

Max-Immo is a leading provider of real estate software in Belgium. Their products are used by real estate agents all over the country to manage their properties and help them find the perfect new owner.

Empowering real estate agents in the field

Because real estate agents often manage their properties on the road, there was need for a mobile solution. This way, the agents can for example take pictures of the property on site and immediately store them in their personal database with the necessary comments. With the current desktop app that Max-Immo provides, up until now the agents could only do this work at the office. A mobile app to complement this desktop app was essential to make their job more efficient and enjoyable.

Co-creation to serve all user profiles

Next step: sit down with Max-Immo in an interactive workshop and define the necessary features and options. This was challenging because the app should be tailored to the needs of different user profiles: there are real estate agents that mainly sell land, but also those who focus on luxury apartments, commercial property etc. Each agent also works in their own way, so we could not restrict them to follow a certain flow. Based on this workshop, we wireframed the entire app, screen by screen.
The final design was made by Max-Immo.

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