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A few weeks ago, when Apple finally announced the fourth generation AppleTV – together with the brand new tvOS – we were thrilled and excited. The possibility of running apps on the biggest screen in the house opens up a whole new category of applications and concepts. We truly believe that AppleTV will be the next step in the evolution of television, and it has all the potential to be a great platform for businesses to interact with their customers in new and innovative ways.

At iCapps we’ve already started fiddling with the betas of the tvOS SDK, resulting in some working proof of concepts, showcasing only a few of the interesting new possibilities and interactions that the new AppleTV has to offer.


We’ll show you the possibilities,

through our concept LIVE

First things first: a shiny layered Apple TV icon. It’s all in the details.
Our LIVE concept is based on a soccer game (that’s where our national soccer hero Kevin De Bruyne shows off his immense talent).


Live Twitter interaction

while watching television

This will drastically change the way people will interact with television.
We show a live Twitter feed in this concept, but any data stream is possible.

The user can interact with tweets and change the Twitter stream to another hashtag.


Live television,

live data

In this concept we are watching a live soccer game.
At the bottom of the screen we see live scores from other games in the same series


Let’s show 2 videos

at the same time

In this example we only output the sound of the big video.

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